A Beginner`s Guide to Hold `Em

A General Overview

Hold `Em works like this: each player is dealt two cards, face down - these are referred to as their hole cards. There is a betting round, and then three community cards are dealt face-up, all at once, in the center of the table - this is called the flop. (Community cards means that every player may use them to form a poker hand.) In order to progress past each betting round, each player must match all bets; if someone bets an amount that the other players don`t wish to match, that player automatically wins without needing to show his hole cards.

After a second betting round, a fourth community card added to the board (the community cards); this fourth card is called the turn card. A third betting round ensues, and then the fifth and final community card - the river card - is exposed. There is a final betting round, and then (if more than one player remains) there is a showdown.

The showdown is exactly what the name implies: any players who are still contesting the pot turn over their hole cards. Using a total of seven cards - the five community cards and their own personal two hole cards - each player forms the best five-card poker hand that they can; the best hand takes the pot.
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